We using high quality materials and parts, RUBINO brings you a nice and durable experience in kitchen.

Built-in electric oven
Built-in electric oven
electric Kitchen Hood
electric Kitchen Hood
Built-in hob
Built-in hob

  • parts manufactured with the best and highest quality in Italy (SABAF, SCHOTT,SCHOTT CERAN)
  • Having unique designs in accordance with the latest trends
  • Using standard and detailed measurements for simultaneous use of every burner
  • varieties in models of built-in hobs with three types of energy consumption: gas, electricity and induction
  • varieties in the size of burners with different powers for energy saving purposes
  • equipped with volumes resistant to heat
  • equipped with pilot burners
  • equipped with sensitive thermocouples
  • equipped with outomatic lighters
  • full-electric ovens with A energy class (lowest energy consumption and highest efficiency)
  • prepared with glass and ceramic plates in order to become more resistant against heat, stroke and scratch
  • equipped with 8 and 12 programs for cooking and defrosting
  • ovens equipped with touch control panels and Push-Pull volumes
  • having steel sheets resistant to finger prints
  • equipped with 3-sheet glass doors with cool bodywork while cooking
  • in two sizes (54 and 57) with the length of 600 mm
  • with easy to clean compartment and telescopic rails
  • licensed according to European standards, quality management,system management...